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Things I learnt From Stargate Atlantis.

Things I learnt From Stargate Atlantis.

  1. In one scene everyone was getting ready to visit one of the worlds they had visited before. In the next scene they were all coming out of the Stargate saying, “didn’t that go well.” What I learnt for my games is: if a task is going to be routine and successful, there’s no need to go through the whole thing. For example, it may be that the challenge was getting the players to realise that all they have to do is ask a certain question of a certain person. They don’t need to charm, persuade or cajole anybody. 
  2. You don’t need to have everybody in every episode. While the others are off an another planet, Rodney can be quite happily working in the lab on Atlantis. This may have consequences, but you can always find ways to get through a session if one or two players can’t make it.
  3. Not every episode has to advance that season’s story arc. When you’ve got a major campaign that you want the players to follow, feel free to throw in other shorter, and unconnected, adventures from time to time. It will give the PCs a chance to gain more experience/wealth/knowledge, and the players get a chance to become more involved in the setting.

Random Tavern Name Generator

Once again your weary band of adventurers find themselves heading for the tavern, but what is it called. This table can give you an easy answer. 

Either ask one of the players what their birthday is, roll a d30 and a d12. 

If you haven't got a d30, they are available here.  

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