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It feels like we're about six months into lockdown now, and many of us have tried playing on Roll20. I'm not going to tell you how to use it, there are other people who are much better at doing that, like on this Roll20 crash course

Instead here are some of the resources and techniques that I've been using.



This is a link to a website that has more than a million PNG files that you can use without attribution, ideal for PCs and NPCs alike (and lots of other stuff as well). 

Link here.

Here's one I found for Roanne The Rouge,  my Half Elf widow in a B/X campaign. 


This website allows you to turn any image into a great round (or hex, or..) token for use on your virtual tabletop. The shape, style and background colour of the token can all be changed according to your taste. 

The site also has a dice roller if you're not using Roll20. 

Link here. 

Here's the same half elf converted into a token. 


Anyone who has been to Uk Games Expo and other conventions is probably familiar with Loke Battlemats, and their big books of battlemats suitable for face-to-face tabletop games. 

Nice people that they are, they have put together a Care Pack Bundle of VTT battlemats that's available for free over on DrivethruRPG. Link here


On the subject of digital battlemats, here's another great deal over on Drivethru. 

This bundle contains so many battlemats that I can't even be bothered to count them, and I definitely haven't got the bandwidth to download them all at the same time. Basically you're getting more than $700 worth of digital resources for less than $40! Link here


One of my favourite suppliers of tokens etc. is Wyldfurr. I have used their sci-fi map tiles to create floorplans for my Traveller games, and most of the characters are represented by their tokens. Link here

This is the cargo bay where party had a shoot-out with some foreign agents. 

I created this floorplan from the Wyldfurr map tiles using GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program). This a great bit of free software that I have found invaluable for prepping my Roll20 games. Whether it is resizing images for use as tokens, producing my own floorplans, or bringing in floorplans and maps from PDFs. Bringin images across from PDF is dead simple, you simply select and copy the image, and then in GIMP you can create a new image from the clipboard. Link here

Written by Ed Kiernan — May 06, 2020

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