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Wow, that was amazing. I've never seen so many gamers, nor so many games. How many sheep-based board games does the world need? At least half a dozen if various games companies are to be believed. 

Despite the many thousands of games available, my personal highlight was meeting Sandy Petersen, the creator of Call of Cthulhu. He was there, with the rest of the team from Green Eye Games, to promote and demonstrate his latest game Cthulhu Wars. The quality of the game pieces is fantastic, you can see lost souls disappearing up Nyarlathotep, or was it Shub-Niggurath?

You may have noticed a glut of Cthulhu games since the copyright on HP Lovecraft's work expired last year. But if Sandy Petersen can't do a new Cthulhu game, then who can. And it looks like a good'un. 

On a related subject, I picked up the rules for Call of Catthulhu while I was there. They are running a KickStarter to fund a deluxe edition of the rules and it should be starting any minute now. I'll pass the details on as soon as I have them. 

Talking to some of the publishers there, I was assured that my copies of "A Study in Emerald" and "Freedom: The Underground Railroad" should arrive in the next week or two (even if Uwe from Academy Games kept thinking I was German). 

Written by Ed Kiernan — October 30, 2013

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