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For indoor hobbies like ours, the invention season never really goes away, but this year’s season is definitely well underway already. For example the Milton Keynes RPG club have Concrete Cow tomorrow (16 March).  I won’t  be there, but All Rolled Up will be - they do great flexible dice trays. 

Unfortunately there are three cons I will be at for sure:

  • UK Games Expo (31 May - 2 June) This is the big one. Two halls at the NEC, and half a Hilton dedicated to gaming. We’ll be there in Hall 2, close to the open gaming and coffee.  
  • Tabletop Scotland (24 & 25 August) Now in it’s second year and it’s almost doubled in size. I went as a punter last year and had a good time. There’s a board game library, RPG sessions, tournaments, and seminars. There’s also a Bring-and-Buy, where I got hold of a copy of Car Wars last year. 
  • Glasgow Games Gathering 2019 (29 June) This is a new show to me, and in fact a new show full stop. Nonetheless we will be there, flogging our strange range of RPGs, etc.

We have at least one more to be confirmed. 

If you have any suggestions for conventions or shows in Scotland or North England, let me know and I’ll have a look. 

Written by Ed Kiernan — March 15, 2019

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