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It’s the first working day of the year here in Scotland, so I thought it would be a good idea to write down my plans for the business over the next year, and let you all read them.


1) More Games: I’m going to increase the number of games in stock, but also the number of supplements, expansions and scenarios available for the games I already have. When you look at the website of a company like Goodman Games (the publishers of Dungeon Crawl Classics) you see that they have a vast range of adventures and expansions that never make it over the pond unless you pay the USPS shipping charges – which can be rather high for a $9.99 adventure.


2) New premises: To make room for all this new stock. Obviously. And I want to reclaim my house from the piles of cardboard boxes that appear to be breeding in my house.
New premises will also mean a small showroom/gaming area. So I will be hosting game nights – some to demonstrate new games, some for regular sessions of current games, and ,of course, the occasional old school RPG night.


3) Publishing: The world needs more published adventures! Rather than come up with another OSR ruleset, or try to invent something completely new, I’ll be looking to publish adventures and supplements that go with games covered by an open games license, and other games that allow licensed products.

And when I say publishing, I mean proper hard copies with artwork and stuff like that. So if you’ve got an adventure that you think might be worth publishing or are a dab hand with a pencil and paintbrush (or digital equivalent), drop me a line and we can start talking about it.


4) More cons: I’m already booked for the UK Games Expo this year, and I will be looking to attend more conventions in Scotland and the North of England.

In the same vein, if you live in remote(ish) part of Scotland maybe we can get together and arrange a small “games day” where you are.


Completed on the second day of working in Scotland 2018.

Written by Ed Kiernan — January 04, 2018

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