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Kings of War

Kings of War is a tabletop wargame where two or more players compete against each other with "armies" of 28mm miniatures. The rules of the game are published in a short, twelve page document which describes how miniatures are moved, how artillery is used and how combat can be resolved, as well as a limited number of unique rules for each army which define the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of the race. Games may be played on any appropriate surface, although the standard is a 6 ft by 4 ft tabletop decorated with model scenery in scale with the miniatures. Any individual or group of miniatures in the game is called a "unit", whether represented by a single model, or group of similar troops.

Traveller - restocks and new releases

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! The Traveller Core Rulebook will be back in a couple of weeks, with more to follow.   I've heard from the publishers (Mongoose) that the second printing is...

Black Friday

We're giving you 10 per cent off every order over £10 for the whole Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend. No need to remember a discount code, it's automatically applied.

A short break

It's time for my holiday.  I'll be back on Monday 14th September, but may be in quarantine. I'll try to find a way for me to send out orders without...