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Dwarf One Player Battleset - Kings of War

Sold out.

Dwarfs are an ancient people, their civilisation second only in age to that of the Elves. Dwarfs are stolid and unyielding in all matters, whether in business or war, and Dwarfs excel at both.

This One Player Battle Set contains a small Dwarf starter force and a mini-copy of the Core Kings of War rules. It contains all you need to start building your force and playing Kings of War.


  • 32 Page Mini Kings of War Core Rulebook
  • Dice
  • 20 Plastic Dwarf Ironclad
    • Hand Weapons and Shield
    • Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician
  • 10 Plastic Dwarf Ironwatch
    • Rifles or Crossbows
  • 10 Plastic Dwarf Shieldbreaker
    • Two-handed hammers
  • 2 Dwarf Ironbelchers with crew
    • Ironbelcher Cannon or Ironbelcher Organ Guns
  • Mantic Points
  • Bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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