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Abyssal Dwarf Army (Old Style) - Kings of War

Sold out.

Fuelled by the patronage of cruel gods, the Abyssal Dwarfs excel at close-quarters fighting where they can witness the suffering they inflict first-hand. They are supported by evil creatures summoned from the depths of the Abyss itself, as well as disturbing hybrids born of twisted experiments.


  • 20 premium plastic Immortal Guard
    • Elite veterans gifted with eternal life
    • Armed with wicked axes and shields
    • Metal components to add a banner and musician
  • 10 premium plastic Gargoyles
    • The vanguard of the Abyssal legions
    • Protected from death by evil magic
    • Can be fielded as a single Half-Regiment or two Troops
  • 3 premium plastic Lesser Obsidian Golems
    • Mighty creatures formed from powerful living rock
    • Possessed of great strength and might
  • 10 plastic Slave Orcs
    • Expendable fighters to throw at your enemy
    • Includes metal Handler and pet
  • 5 premium plastic Abyssal Halfbreeds
    • Horrific hybrids of Dwarf and beast
    • Armed with titanic cavalry hammers
  • 4 Mantic Points
  • Bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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