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Alliances - A World Domination Trick Taking Game

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In Alliances, you play a superpower nation seeking world domination along with an ally. 

To accomplish world domination, you need to take over as many neutral and rival countries as you can, using three suits of power: Military, Politics and Economics. Of these, political power is the strongest, followed by economic and military in that order. 

The world is composed of a vast number of countries, each one represented by a tile on the table. Each country also has its own defensive attributes: a certain military strength, economic strength and political strength which need to be overcome. 

You will get 3 different games to play with:

  • 2 player game - a confrontational trick taking game.
  • 3 player game - a game in which each player in turn plays a superpower empire while the other two players fight him off as rebels.
  • 4 player game - a game in which you and your ally will team up to fight your rival alliance to control the world!

What's In The Box

  • Deck of 48 cards
  • 20 County tiles
  • 32 Alliance tokens (16 of each color)
  • 1 Conflict token
  • Rule book



Right now we are able to include a copy of the "Means of Power" expansion cards at no extra charge!


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