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Amaurea's Dawn - Open Legend Campaign Setting

In Amaurea’s Dawn, you’ll explore the conflict between two worlds as the desperate residents of Schlectenberg build a new home in the wild domain guarded by three distinct elven houses. Amaurea’s Dawn is the first campaign setting for Open Legend. With the Open Legend tabletop roleplaying system, new players and veteran role players alike can quickly make characters and begin traveling to the new frontier. The native elves won’t sit by as machines of fire and smoke threaten the land they’ve cultivated and protected for centuries, but the tensions between their respective houses are as likely to unify them as it is to drive them further apart.

In the city-state of Schlectenberg, humanity rises higher and higher with airships and gravity-defying spires, but the smoke and smog choke the sky. Soot coats everything, even falling at times in torrents of oily rain. The consequences of unchecked technological proliferation now threatens to destroy everything achieved through years of war and innovation.

The masses offer themselves up to the mercy of Eternity’s Gate, the portal that leads to Amaurea. Schlecteners hope a better life will be found in these fabled lands of abundance. On the other side of this gate, they toil in the overcrowded camp, Moondew Watch. Moisture rusts their machines and clogs their engines, halting progress through the dense jungle as the elves gather to defend their homeland.

Amaurea is no treasure to be plundered. These wilds are the ancestral home of hundreds of thousands of elves, separated into three nations, who each adapted to the land and ensured its growth. House Rhuviel to the northeast of Moondew Watch is built along the river that once flooded their capital. The oldest traditions guide the Rhuvielites who find power and prestige in every glittering facet, luminous prism, and shining surface. Consumed with political machinations, they remain alert, but undecided in how to handle the human invaders.

To the south, House Valurien shakes the swamplands with songs of the Weave, commanding blood, stone, leaf, and spirit. These primal guardians were the first to encounter the Schlecten and they continue to be the fiercest protectors of Amaurea. Though they’ve fought the human invaders on numerous fronts, they respect and admire those who share their sense of honor, elf or not.

On the other hand, House Nivenilya view the colonists as a curiosity, meriting observation and analysis. Outcasts in the eyes of their cousins to the north, Nivenilyan elves are marked by biological tampering and experimentation. They seek the harmonious perfection of nature and they see the wondrous possibilities of synthesizing the Schlecten technology with their own advances.

The Schlecten live short and explosive lives, in part hastened by their own constructions. Typically living between forty and sixty years of age, they’re prone to rashness and short-sighted schemes, but some feel akin to the newly discovered elves. Many yearn for a time before Schlectenberg engulfed their world and devoured all of its resources. In contrast, the elves live between one-hundred and one-hundred and twenty years. Like the Schlecten, the elves come in a variety of skin tones and colors, though they tend to be taller and more lithe than the humans. In both worlds, there are those who shirk the restraints of mortality through magic, the Weave, or other strange manipulations.

When embarking on an adventure in Amaurea’s Dawn, your party may take on the roles of human colonists, scheming imperialists, elven guardians, or any mix of these factions as they attempt to survive the conflicts swirling all around them. Your party may find completely different angles to approach this world and that’s encouraged. There’s no limit to the options for your campaign. You might decide to embark on a dark and grimy urban adventure all within Schlectenberg or you might dive deep into the fractured alliances of House Rhuviel.

No matter where your party travels, Amaurea’s Dawn offers conflict and division in every corner. Explore themes of ecological ruin, centuries old tribalism, perilous discovery, or anything in between. Amaurea’s Dawn contains challenges and consequences for courageous and dastardly player characters alike, while the Open Legend roleplaying system ensures that the mechanics of the game never interrupt or undermine your narratives. Good luck as you embark on adventure through Amaurea and may the dice explode in your favor.

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