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Amazing Adventures RPG Manual of Monsters

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From out of the shadows they came, shambling horrors, tentacled abominations, animated piles of bones rattling in the black. Shadows moved towards you, their icy fingers reaching out. Every inch of your body screamed at you to run for the door, break through into the sunlight, flee into the jungle and never look back. But that's not what you do. The barrel flashed brightly, the report echoing throughout the temple. If only you could survive...

In the Amazing Adventures Manual of Monsters you will find scores of creatures both fantastic and benign, alien and supernatural, to challenge your adventurers. Included herein are over two dozen creatures from beyond the pale that have never before been seen in a SIEGE engine product, and some never seen anywhere else. Also included is advice on roleplaying monsters, handling combat with monsters, creating monsters and more. The ultimate manual of deadly creatures for Amazing Adventures is here at last.

Note: You need the Amazing Adventures rulebook (or another SIEGE engine product) to use this.

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