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Beneath the Dome: Castles and Crusades Adventure by James M Ward

Sold out.

Beneath the Dome is written in the vein of the classic old school adventures as only James M Ward can do it. 

Riding the winds of an Eldritch sorcery they came, bearing only a lust for chaos and evil asw well as power over the kindgdoms of men. They built a fortress deep in the mountains, buried beneath a dome of rock. Though their power was great, their numbers were few, and so they cast about for minions.

They captured a lone hunter, dragging him into the deeps of their temple. There they broke him and as life left him they bound his corpse to them. But he was only the first. More followed; farmers, their families, entire villages too. It was not just men and their people, but animals too; dogs and beasts of burden.

Thus the Kingdom has been afflicted. And the MageKing who rules calls for aid, seeking the brave and the bold to find out what madness afflicts the realm and his people. For in his heart he fears that what has unfolded is only the beginning.

Beneath the Dome houses a wild ride of adventures that begins with a low level adventure fighting the Green Wizard-Priest Amdromodons, but ends in the swirling death of the Ebony Amdromodons.

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