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Brindisium Adventures - Castles and Crusades

South of the fabled Darkenfold lies the dry plains of Brindisium here men dwell in the shadow of an Empire, ancient yet reduced. Here legions are fierce, her government controlling, he lands are wild and reckless.

Two High Level Adventures!

In the Prophecy of Balak’ zir an ancient orarcle that heralds the doom of the realm has seemingly come to pass. But things are not as they seem and it is us to the few to unravel the mystery of the end of days!

In Mine! Mine! Mine! local magnates have run afoul of all manner of problems, from competing factions, bandits, monsters and more! It is a race to unravel the many players in this complex tale of strong arms and wicked ways. Both are designed for 4-8 characters of the 8 - 10th level.

Adventures - Print 26 pp

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