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Buccaneer Bones

Yo ho, me hearties! Sail your ship to the pirate islands, where treasure awaits. It's as easy as rolling dice. A quick, engaging dice game for the whole family. Each player has his own treasure map and fleet of six ships. Dice are rolled to sail to the islands. Once a ship is on an island, it gets you a special ability. Plunder the island for treasure and sail home. The first pirate who gathers three treasures becomes the scourge of the seven seas!

Game play

Each player has a treasure map and six ships in the matching colour.  The ships start on the six port spaces.

On your turn, roll four dice.  You have one chance to pick up and reroll any of these dice, if you wish.

A pair of matching dice will move a ship one space toward the corresponding island. (For example, a pair of fours will move the ship in lane four one space toward island four.)

Three of a kind will move a ship two spaces toward the corresponding island. (For example, three sixes will move the ship in lane six two spaces toward island six.)

Once a ship is on an island, three of a kind will dig up a treasure from that island.  The ship goes back to port, where it can sail again on a later turn.

While a ship is on an island, you get a special benefit from that island: extra rerolls, add or subtract one from a die, or extra dice to roll.

Even a useless roll lets you take an action: you can place your First Mate on an island as a Scout (you get that island's special benefit next turn) or put it on an opponent's treasure as a Thief.

The first player to accumulate three treasures wins the game!

Players: 1-4

Ages: 8+

Time: 10-15'

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