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Call of Catthulhu - Book 1: The Nekonomikon (The Book of Cats)

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Call of Catthulhu: The rules-light RPG where cats save the world and the humans just open the tuna!

Welcome to the real world...the world in which human civilization exists for the comfort of cats, in which incredibly ancient and powerful spirits vie for control of reality, in which only brave and clever felines have the wit and wherewithal to oppose grim and mystic cabals, and in which two-footed people live in blissfull ignorance of all these facts. 

The Nekonomikon, volume 1 of Call of Catthulhu, contains all the rules needed to play the game (there aren't many of them): how to make up cat characters, how to use Cat Dice to meet Challenges, how to Scrap with other critters, how to use Treats to get a little edge in play, and how to get ready to play again another time. After a little fooling around with this book and some pencils and paper, one person can volunteer to be the Cat Herder (GM) for the evening and invent some Challenges for everyone's cats to encounter. With 30 different types of cats facing countless unsuspecting humans, mice, dogs, fish and birds; so many treats to liberate, toys to demolish, and cultists to foil; the cat's world is one big sandbox. 

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