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Call of Catthulhu - Book 2: Unausprechlichen Katzen (The Cat Herder's Guide)

Call of Catthulhu the rules light RPG where cats save the world and the humans just open the tuna. 

In Lovecraftian German, the name of this book, more or less, means "Unspeakable Cats." To aspiring Cat Herders, it definitely means a wealth of vital information about running a rousing game of Call of Catthulhu, the game where ordinary cats secretly defend human civilization from the Chaos cults of the other animals. With this and Book 1: The Nekonomikon, you're ready to play. 

Things Cats Were Not Meant To Know

Read, if you dare, and learn all that you really shouldn't about:

  • Gods, Cults and Rituals
  • Monstrous Foes
  • The Thumb War
  • Psychic Pressure
  • Oswald's Razor
  • Writing adventures
  • Gaming with Kids
  • Rules of Claw
  • The Great Idea: Why humans make the best servants
  • The Book of Two-Foots
  • The Book of Dogs
And 3 full-length catventures!

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