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Castle Keeper's Guide - Castles and Crusades

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The Ultimate resource for Game Masters Everywhere!

The Castle Keepers Guide (CKG) explores almost every aspect of table top role playing, from expanded player content to world building. Based on the Attribute Mechanic, the Siege Engine, it is highly malleable to any RPG system on the market, old and new.


Within you'll find a whole new approach to age old issues. From equipment wastage and how to use it in a role playing environ, to alternate ways of looking at the illusionist and their peculiar brand of magic. It covers suggestions on character's earnings in title, rank, land as treasure as the progress in level. Classifications of henchman, hirelings and every day people. Dungeons, countries, governments, world building with monsters and terrain.

That's the tip of the iceberg.

And it's not just for Castles & Crusades. This is a massive work of gaming tips, rules, expanded material, bound into a collection of material you'll find useful in almost any game, whether it's a First Edition or a Fifth Edition. It includes all the rules incumbent with any attribute check system, and needs little if any adjustments from game to game.

The Table of Contents reads like a What's Needed for any Table:

Chapter 1: Expanding Characters -- from beauty as an attribute to epic level characters
Chapter 2: Magic -- component cost, holy symbols, penance, buying and selling magic
Chapter 3: Expanding Equipment -- Lodging, Carrying capacity of wagons, speed of boats and more
Chapter 4: Non-Player Characters -- Henchman, hirelings, every day people
Chapter 5: The World -- from extra-terrestrial formations to land geography, climates, biomes, and the people who people them
Chapter 6: The City -- populations and their government, towns, cities, money and units of exchange, art, gender, rank, race to tap a few
Chapter 7: Dungeons -- how to design and populate a dungeon, the tricks of the trade, and traps for good and ill
Chapter 8: Air and Water Adventure -- combat and travel above the water and in the air
Chapter 9: Equipment Wastage -- role playing equipment, the grind and loss, wastage and how it can rule the game
Chapter 10: Land as Treasure -- level characters gain rank but to what end? A complete treatment of land, ownership, its granting as treasure
Chapter 11: Going to War -- A complete set of rules to run miniatures in wars great and small
Chapter 12: Monster Ecology -- A complete look at the most common monsters, the core of almost any game
Chapter 13: Expanding the Genre -- Take fantasy into space, horror, the worlds of pulp and beyond
Chapter 14: Advancing the Game -- How to create adventures, dungeons and balance the challenges of players and fun
Chapter 15: The SIEGE Engine -- The Original Attribute Mechanic. Unadorned with trappings. Simple. Easy. Intuitive and fun
Chapter 16: Treasure -- Treasure goes beyond gold and magic, a look at the many wide offerings of treasure on the plate
Chapter 17: Iron & Sulfur: Combat -- The grit of personal combat, new rules on tactics, from disarming to polearms
Chapter 18: Skill Packages -- Your game in need of some advantages for character and monster. Multiple new skills
Chapter 19: Character Death and Fates -- Death of any character is hard, but its here, from disease, to natural, combat and extraordinary

The CKG is the perfect expansion to everyone’s table.

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