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Centurion: Legionaries of Rome - a role playing game

Take part in the Roman conquest of Britain. Sow the fields of Carthage with salt at the end of the Punic Wars. Or maybe try to hold back the barbarians at the gates of Rome. 

In Centurion: Legionaries of Rome players play scouts, spies and special troops marching under the eagle of Rome. The book supports games in the Late Republic, the Civil Wars, and the Principate (spanning the period from the second Punic War all the way through to the Crisis of the Third Century). 

The 164-page softcover book covers: 

  • The game mechanics, including information on building adventures and running the game (aprrox. 60 pages)
  • A discussion of playing military characters in an RPG.
  • A general overview of Roman society from the Late Republic to the Principate.
  • A general overview of the legions and their structure.
  • The Late Republic as a Setting (from the Second Punic War to the rise of Gaius Marius).
  • The Civil Wars as a Setting (from Marius to Augustus).
  • The Principate as a Setting (from Augustus to the Crisis of the Third Century).


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