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Clockwork: Dominion Signed Deluxe Kickstarter Exclusive Core Rulebook

Sold out.

Clockwork: Dominion is a steampunk roleplaying game set in a Victorian world of gothic horror. Players take the role of exceptional individuals within the British Empire of 1896 as it strives to maintain tradition in the face of scientific advancement, powerful mystical practices, and the threat of the Pontus - the primordial chaos which is slowly devouring creation. Reality itself is crumbling while debutantes vie for social currency, bureaucrats backstab one another, pirates plunder the seas and skies, and a few honorable men and women fight back against the chaos that is consuming the world. Stories in Clockwork: Dominion can see characters struggling against the supernatural horrors of a decaying world, building and destroying reputations so that they may ascend the social hierarchy, or anything in between.

The game features: An intuitive card-based core mechanic that keeps the action fast and fluid. The core rules are simple and easy to learn, while the expanded systems are robust enough to allow for infinite imaginative possibilities. It is truly a system where player creativity is not penalized, and the core mechanics support specialized actions such as feinting or grappling without players needing to learn extra rules. A social conflict system that enables the complex world of Victorian social politics to be the center piece of your story. Characters have the equally satisfying options of solving their disputes with words or guns. The system allows for social conflict to flow into physical conflict, and even back again if the characters are good negotiators or intimidators. Hence, strong social characters are just as valuable to the game, even in physical conflict.

A card-based Initiative system that eliminates linear, round-robin combat. It allows characters to act at any given moment, and gives them the ability to immediately react to any actions taken against them. This adds unpredictability to conflict and allows it to flow more like players would naturally tell a story. A custom 100-card deck of Clockwork Cards is required to play. A free artless print-and-play set of cards can be found here

These two versions of the Core Rule Book have no difference in game content. The deluxe edition will be printed on a higher quality of paper, which makes the book appear sleeker and does quite a bit to show off the artwork. It will also be signed by the design team. It is a prettier and slightly more durable version of the same text.

The Deluxe edition of this Core Rule Book (first edition) will never be printed again. It will only be available through this Kickstarter Campaign and by special promotion.

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