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Dwarf Army Set (Old Style) - Kings of War

Dwarfs dwell in great halls under the earth, having carved out a subterranean empire beneath the feet of the surface peoples. They are unyielding in all matters, whether in business or war, and they excel at both.

They march to battle in solid ranks, their shields forming an immovable bulwark against enemy attack. They are supported by ranged fire from both the Ironwatch, with their crossbows and rifles, and the impressive war machines that accompany them to the field of war. Riding ahead of the main advance, Brock Riders, spur their fearsome mounts onwads to outflank the enemy and bring about their downfall.


  • 20 plastic Ironclad
    • Mainstay of the dwarfen army
    • Clad in heavy armour and carrying large shields
    • Contains banner, musician and several additional components
  • 20 plastic Ironwatch
    • Long-range support for the dwarfs
    • Can be assembled with crossbows or rifles
    • Contains additional heads and weapons
  • 20 plastic Shieldbreakers
    • Mighty warriors drawn from the ranks of the Ironclad
    • Armed with double-handed hammers
  • 10 premium plastic Brock Riders
    • Berserkers mounted on ferocious beasts
    • A fast, brutal cavalry unit
  • 2 Ironbelchers
    • Expertly crafted war machines of the Dwarfs
    • Each can be assembled as a Cannon or Organ Gun
  • 4 Mantic Points
  • Bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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