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Dwarf Mega Army, Baldr's Armoured Battalion - Kings of War

Sold out.

The time of the Dwarfs is now and over the last two hundred years they have conquered many lands. Their reasoning is thus: the kingdoms of others lie atop the kingdoms of the Dwarfs, the Dwarfs were there first, therefore all the land is theirs.


  • 1 x FREE 32 page full colour 3rd Edition Rulebook
  • 1 x Metal Dwarf King
  • 1 x Metal Berserker Lord
  • 40 Plastic Dwarf Ironclad figures
    • Hand Weapons and Shields
    • Champion, Muscian and Standard
    • Throwing Mastiffs
    • Tankards
  • 30 Plastic Dwarf Ironwatch
    • Rifles or Crossbows
  • 20 Plastic Dwarf Shieldbreakers
    • Two Handed Hammers
  • 20 Plastic/Metal Dwarf Rangers
  • 5 Metal Ironguard
    • Hand Weapons and Shields
    • Champion, Muscian and Standard
  • 2 Plastic Dwarf Ironbelcher
    • Crew
  • 1 Plastic/Metal Dwarf Flame Belcher
    • Crew
  • Loads of Mantic Points

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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