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Enforcer Army Set - Warpath

Comprised of superior soldiers, equipped with some of the best technology in the galaxy, the troops of the Enforcers are few in number, but each is worth a score of lesser men. In firepower they are matched only by the Forgefathers, while in combat they are as deadly as the wild Marauders. Their loyalty to Corporation Central is absolute. Unmatched in the galaxy, the Enforcers are the elite of the elite, the armoured right fist of Corporation Central.


  • Voucher for digital copy of Warpath Rules
  • Enforcers Captain
    • 1 Metal figure with Gun and Wristblade
  • Enforcers Strike Platoon
    • 20 Plastic figures
    • Commander
    • Special Weapons
  • Enforcers Suppression Team
    • 5 Plastic figures
    • Metal special weapon upgrade pack
    • Commander
    • Special Weapons
  • Enforcers Assault Team
    • 5 Plastic figures
    • Metal special melee weapon upgrade pack
    • Commander
    • Special Weapons
  • Bases
  • Mantic Points

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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