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Fields of Fire - Miniature Rules for Modern combat

Sold out.

Fields of Fire is a set of rules to be used with miniatures for historical gaming.  It contains all the rules you need to play a scenario from any time after the Vietnam War until now.  You can play historical battles or you can wargame the "what ifs."  What if the Soviets had attacked West Germany during the Cold War?  What if India and China were to go to war?  You are the commander and can use your tactics and ingenuity to gain victory!

Join the great tank commanders of history and play scenarios from the Fulda Gap to 73 Easting to the Battle of Baghdad. With this simple, yet realistic rules compilation, you’ll be advancing across the board with your own tank battalion within minutes!

The goal of Fields of Fire is to provide a quick and accurate simulation of modern combat in its various forms.  The system allows for playing all elements of combat arms.


Rules Set Includes

  • Complete rules for infantry, AFV and Helicopter 
  •  Templates for artillery and rocket barrages 
  •  Separate pull-out charts for NATO and Warsaw Pact nations 
  •  Complete data on Major World Military Vehicles 
  •  Uses Micro-Armour® or 15mm scale 
  •  Scenarios to get you started  

Important features

  • Easy to read and simple charts 
  • Templates that are variable in size based on artillery caliber 
  • Easy to understand and straight forward rules 
  • Realistic combat model that allows for the simultaneous nature of combat 
  • Simplified infantry maneuvers keep large organizations manageable yet accurate

A little bit of background

The year was 2001. We had all survived Y2K without a scratch and everyone was just starting to get into the new phenomenon of reality television. Somewhere in Ohio, Larry Yeager had just finished playtesting Fields of Fire.  The initial printing (black and white, saddle-stapled) sold out quickly.  That first edition of Fields of Fire was just over 40 pages, including the scenarios and vehicle charts.  Then, 9/11 happened and other things took presidence.

It's been a long dozen years and a lot has changed in the world.  Almost every show is a reality contest of some kind, and we've had troops fighting in the Middle East ever since that first printing.  We've learned a lot about desert warfare and just where weaknesses and strengths are in the equipment of most of the world's armies. A lot of the charts in that first edition were based on intelligence and conjucture, so the new edition has some updates to reflect that.

This new edition also includes a more robust explanation of the rules and lots of artwork. 

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