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Freedom - The Underground Railroad Game

Freedom - The Underground Railroad is an engaging cooperative game about a pivotal time in American history. Players assume the roles of important historical Abolitionist characters pitted against the slave economy from the early 1800’s through the Civil War.

Players succeed together by balancing their actions between raising funds for the Abolitionist cause and helping slaves as they move from the Southern States to freedom in Canada. But every move risks alerting the slave catchers, who roam the board trying to return the runaway slaves back to the plantations.

Teamwork - Challenging and cooperative play against the game.

Educational - Players become familiar with the important historical figures, political agendas, and crucial events that unfolded in America between 1800 and 1865.

Game Play 

During the game, players need to work together in an effort to achieve two victory conditions. First, the players need to raise the strength of the Abolitionist movement through the acquisition of Support Tokens. Next, the players also need to help Slaves escape from the plantations in the south, moving them north to freedom in Canada while avoiding the Slave Catchers that are roaming the board. If the players are able to achieve both conditions before the end of the game, they win. Of course this is not going to be easy, but through careful planning and strategy, the group can recreate history, helping to bring down the institution of slavery.

The game board consists of two sections. The map on the right features the paths available to both escaping slaves as well as the Slave Catchers who roam the board. The North Star Newspaper on the left, holds the resources available to the players during the game, including Abolitionist Cards that feature key historical figures and events.


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