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Galaxy Defenders Elite Agent Bundle - Kickstarter special

Sold out.

In this package you get the main boxed game and the and a bundle of KickStarter exclusive miniatures and cards. You get an extra 19 miniatures including six new agents, 13 new aliens, and extra five weapons and lots more.

Galaxy Defenders is a cooperative tactical board game, with RPG elements, inspired by the classical Sci-Fi movies and video games of the '80s and '90s.

In Galaxy Defenders up to five players fight together – each taking control of one or more agents with unique powers – to defend the planet from an alien invasion. The Aliens are controlled by a sophisticated, card-driven artificial intelligence system. The battle for Earth against the aliens develops in a series of missions organized in a story-driven campaign.

The game includes 12 different missions. Each mission provides a different challenge to the players. 

After setting up the mission, gameplay revolves around a tactical combat system, using custom 10-sided dice. 

There is no "alien player" in Galaxy Defenders. The aliens are controlled by the fame system itself, through an artificial intelligence system based on two types of cards: Alien cards; and Close Encounter cards. 

The combination of a unique AI for each alien species, and the uncertainty about alien activation in a turn are an incredibly realistic simulation of the chaos of battle, and provide a very sophisticated challenge to the players.

The exclusive add-ons are:

  • Agent Silver, Marine Elite (Miniature and card)
  • Agent Iron, Hulk (Miniature and card)
  • Agent: N (Miniature and card)
  • Agent: S (Miniature and card)
  • Agent: Xeno-Hunter (Miniature and card)
  • Agent: Human G-Droid (Miniature and card)
  • Alien: Xeno-Hunter (Miniature and card)
  • Alien: Xeno-Morph (Miniature and card)
  • Alien: Xeno-Grey (in blue)(Miniature and card)
  • Alien: Xeno-Grey (in green)(Miniature and card)
  • Alien: G-Droid (Miniature, alien card and 2 x close encounter card)
  • Alien: Xenobots (three green miniatures and three blue miniatures, all with stands, and cards)
  • Alien: Nexus (two miniatures [Blue and Green] and two cards)
  • Weapon: Jack Russell
  • Weapon: Curved Blades
  • Weapon: Healbot
  • Weapon: Phaser
  • Weapon: GD shield
  • Skill: Drone Specialist - Biotech
  • Device: Lucky Charm
  • Device: Full Metal Jacket
  • Device: Wings of Glory
  • Device: White Rabbit
  • Device: Geek Department
  • Ability: Nano Barrier
  • Mission: The Judgement Day

These games are in their original brown cardboard boxes. 


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