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Ghoul Island Act 4: Ghatanothoa Awakens D&D 5th Edition compatible

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A good night’s rest has eluded the PCs since they first set foot on idyllic Farzeen. With a soft bed finally underneath them, the PCs drift to slumber. A lost ally pulls them into the Dreamlands as they sleep.

Twin priests, Nasht and Kaman-Thah, meet the adventures prior to their sojourn down the Seven Hundred Steps. After a few words of advice, they leave to answer Pompea’s call. The champions quickly learn the dangers they will face and soon meet Censa’s lost feline familiar, who is much more than she appears. Nukki leads the PCs to her new mistress’s sanctuary.

Sandy Petersen, the author of the Call of Cthulhu Role-playing game published by Chaosium, changes the tabletop world once again with Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos - a complete sourcebook for all things Lovecraftian for 5th edition fantasy.

Traveller - restocks and new releases

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! The Traveller Core Rulebook will be back in a couple of weeks, with more to follow.   I've heard from the publishers (Mongoose) that the second printing is...

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It's time for my holiday.  I'll be back on Monday 14th September, but may be in quarantine. I'll try to find a way for me to send out orders without...

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Just to let you all know that service is going to be very limited for the next couple of weeks a I move move my stock from one place to...