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Giant Martian Robot - Mars Attacks Expansion

Sold out.

While not a robot in the truest sense, this isn’t a distinction that matters a great deal to those on the receiving end of these gigantic death machines. Designed by the Science Division as a shock and awe vehicle, Giant Robots are an inelegant but powerful weapon in the Martian invasion effort. Standing over twenty feet tall, their weapon arms are almost a secondary consideration on Earth, their size and bulk allowing them to simply stomp on or through most human forces with relative ease. When they do power up their arm weapons, the forces of humanity have learned to run, and quickly.

This set contains 1 multi-part plastic Martian Robot measuring 7" tall!

  • Heat Ray
  • Freeze Ray
  • Giant Claw
  • Shrink Ray with Containment Tank
  • Miniaturised Human Soldiers
  • 2 Different Pilots
  • Clear Plastic Dome

Model supplied unassembled and unpainted.

2014 The Topps Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. MARS ATTACKS is a Registered Trademark of The Topps Company, Inc. Licensed by The Topps Company.

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