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GM Screen & Resource Book: 13th Age Fantasy Supplement

Sold out.

We like to support our GMs by answering questions and supplying them with resources and guidance, and have long felt that a completely GM-focused product would be a great addition to the 13th Age line. We hope the tools included with the Game Master’s Screen and Resource Book serve you well.

Our goal for the screen is to provide useful tables, charts, and reminders to keep your game running smoothly by providing the information you need, without having to open a book. For this Resource Book, we want to offer GMs ideas to help them run better games, and make it easier to handle the improvisational parts. We cover subjects that generate a lot of questions on forums, at conference panels, and even in our own games. Where it makes sense, we’ve also incorporated existing material into the guide that is useful to any GM, such as montages from the organized play program, along with a simple index of valuable advice from the rest of the “core” sources.

The Screen: three-ply and portrait-oriented, with the essential information for a 13th Age GM needs to run the game, presented in an easy-to-reference layout. 

The Book: 64 pages of GM advice, tools, and variant rules, including:

  • Guidance on using icon relationship rolls, with examples from play and variations of the mechanic
  • A GM Toolkit for creating 13th Age adventures on the spot
  • Montage mechanics for player-driven story telling
  • In-depth advice on building better battles, and using terrain to create more exciting fights
  • Tips for helping players create backgrounds that produce both useful skills and effective world-building
  • A selection of memorable icon-related NPCs for your game: a scheming inquisitor, a decadent cultist, a magical waste disposal technician, and more!

The Map: a 22" by 17" full colour rendition of Lee Moyer's map of the Dragon Empire. This time with roads!

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