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Goblins vs Zombies - A fun Tower Defence card game for 1-3 Players

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The Zombies will move towards your Village. If a Zombie can go through the Village Gate, you lose. You must coordinate the Goblins to defend your beloved Village. The Village Gate has space for only 3 Goblins at a time, so choose your Goblins carefully!

Goblins vs Zombies is a Tower Defense card game for 1-3 Players. It takes around 15 minutes per player. Goblins vs Zombies has:

  • 16 kinds of Zombies in 3 types: Ground, Flying, Invisible;
  • 23 kinds of Goblins;
  • 5 Modes of Play (solo, cooperative and competitive);
  • a total of 98 cards, a BIG game in a small box!

The 5 Modes of Play are:

Mode A: Training. A co-op introduction game for 1-3 Players to learn how to play the game.
Mode B: Last Stand. A struggling solo game. Double the Zombie, double the fun! 
Mode C: Survival. A competitive game for 2 or 3 Players. Do your best to send the Zombies in your Field to other Field, and be the last Player standing to win the game.
Mode D: The Boss. A co-op game for 1-3 Players. All Players must work together to destroy the Boss.
Mode E: Goblins vs Zombies. A head to head game for 2 Players. Who will win, Goblins or Zombies?

COMPONENTS: GvZ is a complete game with only 98 cards, a manual and a plastic clip inside a tuck box. Two of the cards are Token cards, cut to make 18 Tokens and put them in the plactic clip to store.

This offer also includes three graveyard area cards in a separate bag. The Graveyard Area cards are used to complete each Player's Field and the back side of the Graveyard card is Zombie Action List Reminder, so new players can learn the game more easily. 



Only enough of these games were printed to meet the KickStarter order. So, once these are gone, that's it. 


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