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Hole in the Sky - 0 level adventure - DCC

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A Level 0 Adventure for DCC RPG

The Lady in Blue, a mysterious figure of cosmic power, enlists a band of simple peasants for a strange task. They are to follow an invisible bridge until they arrive at a hole in the sky – and then jump through. Death awaits all but the bravest, strongest, and luckiest, but the Lady offers a reward beyond all the riches of the world: the chance to change the very stars these peasants were born under, and thus change their destiny.


  • Skyland Games: “This 0-level adventure would make for a memorable introduction to DCC for new players, as well as a fresh take on the funnel process with a nice twist at the end for DCC veterans. This one should be in your collection.”
  • The RPG Site: “I highly recommend The Hole In The Sky as a starting adventure for your DCC campaign. It’s pretty compact, but it’s got all the elements of what you’d want out of an introduction to Appendix N adventuring. But The Hole In The Sky isn’t just a pretty face – it’s also a finely balanced machine, that does a great job of keeping things moving, and bringing that high-grade chaos that you can only get from tabletop role-playing.”

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