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M1 A Stranger Among Us- 5th Edition Adventure - 5e

A brigand and thief have slunk into Lord Wynn’s keep and pilfered several valuable carvings. Lord Wynn is offering a bit of gold for the return of the stolen goods, but he is offering a king’s ransom for the return of the thief.

“A king’s ransom. For a thief? Must have been some precious stick ‘o wood,” Bariston quizzically comments to those at the table.

“Aye! That’s right. I thin’ 1,000 coin. Oh, dat Walrun da Lord’s Sheriff, daren’t go follow dat thief. He crossed the Hruesen River and headed to the Blacktooth Ridge. Nary a soul here wants to make their way to the Ridge these days. Ole’ Red Cap is about they say. An dat devil is the least o’ your worries.”

The Blacktooth Ridge is no place for the weak, the inexperienced, or the fearful. The dangers there are many and rewards paltry. And this thief must be something other than a common rogue to head straight into the jaws of that deadly wilderness.

A Stranger Among Us is an overland adventure that pits your characters against dangers both rare and extraordinary. It is designed for use with a mid-level party of 4-6 characters.

Author: Davis Chenault
Conversion: Davis Chenault with Jason Vey
Front Cover: Joel Chaim Holtzman Interior Art: Peter Bradley, Sarah "Dreamie" Walker
Art Direction/ Cartography: Charles Chuck Cumbow, Wayne Tripp, Pete Endean, Aaron Bernard

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