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Mantic Essentials: Wound Markers Kings of War

Mark wounds with these red blood splat shaped counters from Mantic Games. 16 in each set.


  • 12 Small Acrylic Counters (1 Wound)
  • 2 Medium Acrylic Counters (5 Wounds)
  • 2 Large Acrylic Counters (10 Wounds)

Busman's Holiday

Hooray. I got through my presentation on peatland restoration and carbon budgets, so tomorrow I'm off to Birmingham for the UK Games Expo.  The plan is to buy fewer games...

Mr Darcy Returns *updated*

Good news Pride and Prejudice fans.  After an absence due to illness, "Marrying Mr Darcy" is returning to F-side Games. The new stock will be arriving this week. I hope...

Lamentations of the Free PDFs

Hooray. We now have access to PDFs for all Lamentations of the Flame Princess printed products. This means that when you order one of their brilliant (and often award-winning) print...