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Muscovite High Command - By Fire and Sword

The Muscovite army was commanded by the Tsar himself. However during campaigns he appointed trusted volvodes to act in his place. One was granted the titles of First Volvode and given command of the "Great Regiment". Volvodes regiments - the equivalent of divisions - were commanded by volvodes, and ordinary regiments (pulk) were led by Golgova (Colonels). 

In new pattern regiments, the officer corps was similar to that in West European armies, with regiments commanded by Colonels or Lieutenant Colonels. 

Contents (15mm metal figures)

  • 2 x Volvodes
  • 5 x Colonels/Golova
  • 16 x Musicians/Standard Bearers
  • 17 x Horses
  • 3 x Sets of Banners
  • 7 Metal Spears
  • 2 x 4x4 cm bases
  • 5 x 4x3 cm bases
All models supplied unpainted and unassembled. 

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