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New Amsterdam

Nieuw Amsterdam was founded by the Dutch West Indies Company in order to encourage the lucrative beaver pelt trade with the local Native American hunters along the Hudson River. To establish a trading post there, they needed a town and a fort, which was built on the tip of Manhattan Island. To encourage European patrons – that is, settlers of means or noble birth – to populate the colony, they granted them both land and indentured servants. The patrons became the lords of a new feudal system not unlike that seen in Europe.

In Nieuw Amsterdam, players are those patrons, and they bid on action lots in order to build businesses, work land for both food and building materials, compete in elections, ship furs to the Old World, and trade with the Lenape Indians – a process that gets more complicated as players claim more land and push the Lenape camps farther up the Hudson River.


  • 1 Game Board
  • 48 Land/Ship Cards
  • 5 Wharf Cards
  • 50 Fur Chits
  • 12 Action Tiles
  • 5 Turn Order Tokens
  • 5 Longhouses
  • 125 Wooden Buildings
  • 5 Wooden Trading Posts
  • Scoring, Goods, Corn and Wood Markers
  • Coin Markers in two denominations
  • 1 detailed rulebook

Age: 12+

Players: 2-5

Playing Time: 60-120 minutes

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