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Ogre Command Group - Kings of War

Ogres have a fairly loose heirarchy system, with leadership going to whoever can show that he is the most experienced in battle. The first step on the road to leading a full warband is taking charge of a unit of warriors or shooters and leading them on the battlefield. An ogre who finds himself in this position will make sure he has the best equipment available, and will ensure he is flanked by his most trusted comrades. These veterans will normally take up the mantles of banner bearer and musician - although many would question the use of the term "music" to describe the sound produced by a Karkhorn...

Three Ogre models with components to upgrade them to a Champion, a Musician and a Banner bearer - these can be used to lead a unit of Ogre Warriors or Ogre Shooters.


  • Ogre Leader
  • Ogre Banner Bearer
  • Ogre Musician
  • 40mm Square Bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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