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Ottoman Feudal Sipahi - By Fire and Sword

These were the levied feudal cavalry of the Ottoman Empire. As well as varied elements of armour they were often equipped with shields, and armed with swords or maces. They preferred using bows to firearms. 

These brave and well-trained cavalrymen, mounted on fine horses, had all the disadvantages of every feudal levy. Their voilent charges were often poorly coordinated and frequently ended with heavy losses and a hasty retreat. 

Contents (all 15mm metal figures):

  • 2 x Commanders
  • 2 x Standard Bearers
  • 14 x Sipahi
  • 18 x Horses
  • 9 x Shields
  • 1 x Turkish cavalry standards
  • 6 x 4x3 cm bases
All models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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