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Ottoman High Command - By Fire and Sword

The Sultan was the Commander in Cheif of the Ottoman Armies, but usually a grand Vizier, or other high dignitary, was appointed to act in his place as a Seraskier (Commander of the Army). Provincial forces were usually comanded by a Beylerbey (provinical governor) and consisted of feudal levies controlled by Sanjakbeys and regular forces under Pashas and Agas. 

Contents (all 15mm metal):

  • 2 x Beylerbeys
  • 5 x SanjakBey/Aga
  • 7 x Standard Bearers
  • 9 x Retinue (musicians, mullas and dervishes)
  • 17 x Horses
  • 3 x Ottoman Banners
  • 2 x 4x4 cm metal bases
  • 5 x 4x3 cm metal bases
All models supplied unpainted and unassembled

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