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Ottoman Skirmish Set: European Provinces - By Fire and Sword

 The Ottoman Empire Skirmish Force is a great way tostart your adventure with By Fire and Sword. The set comprises a small skirmish force from the European provinces - one of the variants of the Ottoman Skirmish Force - that allows you to play the game at the skirmish level. 

The set includes a Sanjakbey (commander), a unit of Sipahi with lances, three units of Sipahi with sabres, and two units of light cavalry (Gonullu or Besli). These are all metal 15mm figures. 


  • 1 x Sanjakbey figure
  • 1 x Standard Bearer
  • 1 x Musician
  • 9 x Sipahi with Lances
  • 9 x Turkish horses
  • 18 x Sipahi
  • 18 x Turkish horses
  • 18 x Gonullu/Besli (light cavalry)
  • 18 x light horses
  • 16 x 3x4 cm bases
  • 14 x metal spears
  • 3 x sets of Turkish cavalry banners
  • 1 x set of Turkish command banners

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