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Paladin - Warriors of Charlemagne - Core Rulebook

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Set in medieval Europe, PALADIN weaves together the historical Carolingian events and the medieval epics of The Matter of France into a single coherent chronology!

In PALADIN the players play young Frankish squires or knights in the service of one of Charlemagne’s powerful vassals. By going on adventures they will acquire glory and riches, become lords of their own lands, build castles and found their own family.

Hopefully, the road to fame will lead to the ultimate goal: becoming one of the legendary paladins themselves, along the likes of Roland, Ogier the Dane, Renaud, Oliver, William Shortnose, and others!

PALADIN is a game of medieval fantasy, played using feudal standards of conduct, offering a chance to experience vicariously that long-lost world in both its brutal reality and its fantastic idealism.

The player characters are knights, with the privileges of elite society and the deadly responsibilities of a warrior. These dualisms – brutal reality versus idealism, and elite privilege versus deadly burden – are the basis for the game.

PALADIN is a game for knights. It is based on the standards of knighthood found in the original literature about Charlemagne and the paladins (epics such as Song of Roland, Ogier the Dane, Aymon's Four Sons and more).

It is not about magicians, thieves, or scholars. In this game, designed for playing the heavily armed and armored chevaliers of Carolingian literature, knighthood is complex enough!

When playing PALADIN, all you need is a twenty-sided dice, and several six-sided dice! It will be intimately familiar to anyone who has played King Arthur Pendragon, as the same rule-set powers both games.

All skill checks in the game are done by rolling a single twenty-sided dice. If you roll under your Skill rating (a number), you are successful! If you roll equal to your Skill, you've achieved a critical, and if you've exceeded your skill, you've failed!

Passions and Traits are as important here as in Pendragon, providing more context and depth to your character, while giving mechanical incentives to roleplay and deeply inhabit your character!

New Passions, attitudes and religious magic are added for player characters, created to add more depth to the Charlemagne era!

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