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Paranoia - Implausible Deniability

Sold out.

A brand new mission for Paranoia that will see the Troubleshooters investigating the food vats and coming to terms with experimental brain interface technology!



You have been selected for an EXCITING MISSION. Your assignment is to:

[ ] Determine why there's a microscopic shortfall in food vat yields

[ ] Test experimental brain interface technology

[ ] Terminate terrorist mutant traitors

[ ] Identify and terminate saboteurs in your Troubleshooter team

[ ] Determine the precise temperature at which your cranial fluid boils

[ ] Have fun. Fun is mandatory.



The odds of your survival can be greatly increased by:

[ ] Not going on the mission.

[ ] Deep-tissue forehead cleansing

[ ] Developing the mutant power to levitate down elevator shafts

[ ] Concealing that you have the mutant power to levitate down elevator shafts

[ ] Terminating your fellow Troubleshooters before they can terminate you

[X] Purchasing this exciting adventure


Written by Gareth Hanrahan (you should read his novels some time). 

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