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Perfect Crime - The Heist Board Game - Due in January 2017

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Perfect Crime is an asymmetrical, modern day, tower defense-style bank robbery game with hidden information and tons of tension that's based on heists both real and imagined.

To set up, one player builds the perfect bank using a double-sided modular game board that's designed to give the banker maximum control over how they want to play. Aside from building the bank itself, they set up patrol routes for guards to ensure that the robbers never face the same bank twice. Once the bank blueprint is set, it needs a state-of-the-art security system that will prove impossible to defeat...or so the bank hopes.

The robber's job is to pick apart those carefully planned defenses by assembling a crew of specialists and equipping them with the tools and weapons they'll need. Robbers can choose to scout out the bank's security or go straight in for a quick smash-and-grab heist. Robbers choose which game mode to play: co-op (working together against the bank), semi co-op (kind of working together against the bank), or competitively (pretending to work together, but shooting each other in the back).

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