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Pioneers of Mars - A Boardgame of Martian settlement

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Pioneers of Mars is a Martian themed tabletop game. You are the Base Commander reporting to a Government or Corporate entity, with the intent of establishing yourself as the most prestigious and powerful faction. Over the course of four Generations, you will gain prestige by celebrating Mars culture, (Tourism and Olympus Mons cards) using your influence and resources to build out your main base, monitor and manipulate the media (Communications Relay), invest in research (Laboratories), and train and develop your colonists. In the end, only one individual will be elected as The First President of Mars!  

The game has a random length of 12 to 15 turns separated into 4 distinct eras or Generations of Colonization.  During each Generation, players unlock new worker spaces and face the risk of a planet wide dust storm wreaking havoc. Players will expand their base, allowing them a private collection of worker spaces. Careful planning is required to maximize the benefits of the base layout while risking insufficient support during a dust storm. 

Unique Features 

  • 5 randomly generated Generation turns consisting of 5 playable cards. 
  • 5x5 play grid that progressively gives new strategic options every round! 45 unique faction cards which give you specific unique abilities and functions. 
  • 5 random faction cards will modify your strategy. 
  • 150+ unique art pieces showcasing a lovingly crafted game. (Check out Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!)
  • 90+ structure cards, to upgrade your main base, allowing you to play the way you want, and forcing other players to keep up. 
  • 1-4 player game, so you can start practicing, and then challenge your friends!

In the Box

  • 25 Turn cards to randomly generate the future of Mars Colonization.
  • 71 Structure cards to build out your main base.
  • 46 Player cards for randomized factions. 
  • 12 Marker cards to track your life support, energy and prestige.
  • 24 Rocket pawns to track your life support, energy and prestige.
  • 10 Scientist cards
  • 10 Engineer cards
  • 48 Card holders for colonist placement.
  • 160 Wooden pieces for resource management

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