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Planet Defiant: Onslaught - Board Game for 1-8 Players

Planet Defiant: Onslaught of Vanas is a cooperative sci-fi horror board game set in the far future where rare humans are capable of extraordinary feats due to technology and genetic manipulations. Earth is severely overpopulated and is searching for habitable planets to live on. With time being a factor several military groups are sent to far reaching ends of the galaxy to search for these planets. One such group comes upon a promising planet only to end up crash landing on the planet. After emerging from the wreckage they find the first alien race humanity has ever encountered but these creatures were not what they were hoping for and now they are in for the fight of their lives just to escape the planet... can they survive?

Game Mechanics & Features

Planet Defiant: Onslaught of Vanas will feature multiple factions fighting for survival against an aggressive alien species. Aliens will spawn every turn with more coming the longer you are playing. You will be fighting epic battles against multiple creatures and insanely powerful bosses to find the resources needed to escape the planet. Only with the help of your teammates can you hope to make it off the planet alive.

The Bullet points

  • Onslaught of Vanas supports 1-8 players that scales difficulty on the number of players
  • 46 total miniatures
  • D10 (ten sided dice) for all combat and skill checks.
  • Over 500+ cards including every alien, character, weapon, and item in the game, all with amazing artwork
  • Large Game Board with 30 unique locations to visit.
  • A day and night system that completely change what you encounter and how you play.
  • Cooperative game play including cooperative fights, trading, leveling, and synergy system.
  • Customizable weapons and skill system to play your character how you want to.
  • Fun initiative system that changes how the battles play out.
  • Bosses who need teamwork and strategy to defeat.

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