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PonyFinder - A pony based campaign setting for Pathfinder

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PonyFinder is a campaign setting for Pathfinder set in the world of Everglow. The book explains how to introduce ponies into your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with minimal stress on the game system and your world. 

Ponies are a race whose time has come and gone. According to their legend and lore, they once oversaw nature, guiding and protecting it, much like druids do: controlling the weather, overseeing animal migrations and protecting the lands they called home. Over time they have surrendered many of these tasks, but their spirit has not yet faded. Most ponykind live in isolated communities far from civilization, but growing numbers have migrated to join multicultural cities where they trade, craft and make their living. 

In PonyFinder you will find:

  • Pony creation rules, including non-pony races from Everglow such as Clovens, Purrsians, and Sun Cats. 
  • Descriptions of the races, their gods and their games. 
  • The history of Everglow. 
  • A full colour map of Everglow. 
  • Notable places, people and groups
  • Plot hooks; covering the height of the Pony Empire, and the periods before and after
  • Pony ingenuity and magic
  • A bestiary for Everglow

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