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Romans Go Home

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Romans Go Home is the new card game from Vainglorious Games, designed by Eric B Vogel, creator of such games as Cambria, Hibernia, and Armorica.   Romans Go Home is a fun, fast, and fighty card game for ages 13 and up, that takes just 15 minutes to play!  Romans Go Home is also easy to learn, with just 1 double-sided page of rules.  You can learn to play in just 8 minutes by watching our teach video:



Like Vainglorious' previous games, Romans Go Home is set in the ancient Roman-Celtic world, however this time the artistic styling is comedic.Players are Caledonian tribes, competing to see which of can capture the most Roman forts along Hadrian’s Wall.


Each player has a deck of warrior cards, with Druids, Archers, Axemen, Chariots and more!  Each type of warrior has distinctive abilities and vulnerabilities.Players each program a sequence of 6 card plays each turn, and then start revealing their cards simultaneously. Success depends upon anticipating your opponent’s moves, because card effects interact dynamically and dramatically!  The game components consist of 54 cards and 1 sheet of rules (English) in a compact and sturdy 2 piece box.  It is a lot of game in a very small package!

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