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Shadows of a Green Sky - Castles and Crusades - Open and Play

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Open and Play includes all the basic rules for a fun filled evening of Castles & Crusades. No other books are required. All the rules of play are included in this new adventure book.

In the long ago Days before Days, before the sun shone upon mountain, hill or lake, Mailahm, that is the moon, shone her lights upon the world. Hers was a gentle touch, her light a silvery hue and all the world rejoiced in the comfort of it and that age was called the Faul Mur.

But Narrheit, her brother, who was ever malicious and clever, crossed the heavens and marred her silvery light. In his wake the skies turned green and the comfort of Mailahm passed and a wrath fell upon the world. And these were called the Shadows of Narrheit, or the Shadows of the Green Sky.

So it was from that age to this, that at times, the skies turned green and doubt and wrath came to the world, for these are the echoes of Narrheit’s purpose.Shadows of a Green Sky is a low level adventure designed for 3-6 characters with a challenge level of 3-5. From the burning ruins of Immesberg, to the rubble strewn slopes of the Norling Mountains, plunge into the turmoil of a mad god’s spite.

Product Type/Format & Price: 8.5 x 11, Softcover, 16 pages

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