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Shadows of Esteren: Book 2 - Travels

"Picture a peninsular with steep hills, thick forests that barely let the sunlight through, misty valleys, and fortresses clinging to the mountainside... and beyond the oceans, the vast and mysterious Continent. In such awe-inspiring landscapes, the Shadows of Esteren role-playing game will introduce you to a gritty realistic world where supernatural elements are never trivial or meaningless, and where med have to face fierce threats lurking in the dark."

Book 2 - Travels is a supplement for the Shadows of Esteren series and is intended for Games Leaders. 

The book contains:

Cartography - More than a  hundred noteworthy places in Tri-Kazel described through the notes of the Bard Aeldred Firdh, any one of these sites can be used as a setting for an adventure. Gaming aids of one to four pages describe ten sites in greater detail, including the Ashen Yard, Frendian, Farl, the Carmine Chasm, the city of Expiation, and more.

Adventures - Five canvases (short scenarios) depicting Morcail, Tarish, Magentiests, and Feondas, There is also a large scenario that will plunge the PCs into the heart of fanatically traditionalist community.

Personalities - Eighteen colourful personalities for the PCs to meet and make steadfast friends or deadly enemies.

Bestiary - The statistics for some of Esteren's most common animals, and the complete descriptions of ten horrific creatures including the Sirens of Tealderoth, vampire bats, the Beast of Frendian, and Lady Fir Patience.

Gaming Aids - Several technical guides to using the canvases and the Bestiary, as well as creating and playing NPCs. Detailed information is also provided about some very peculiar powers and about traveling and sailing in Tri-Kazel.


If you don't want to buy this as a brilliant beautiful book, but get it in PDF format instead, you can buy it in electronic form here

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