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Shadows of Esteren: Loch Varn Tiles

Sold out.

A set of five sheets of cardboard tiles which can be used to design a map of the ruins in the Loch Varn scenario (the nightmare adventure described in Book 0 - Prologue), or to create your own maps These tiles have been specially scaled for one-inch miniatures.

A short break

It's time for my holiday.  I'll be back on Monday 14th September, but may be in quarantine. I'll try to find a way for me to send out orders without...

Moving On & Taking Stock

Just to let you all know that service is going to be very limited for the next couple of weeks a I move move my stock from one place to...

Being Conventional

For indoor hobbies like ours, the invention season never really goes away, but this year’s season is definitely well underway already. For example the Milton Keynes RPG club have Concrete...