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Strange Aeons - Miniature Skirmish Game of Eldritch Horror - Starter Box - 2nd edition

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Strange Aeons is a thrilling miniature skirmish game set in the 1920s and populated with the weird denizens of the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Designed for use with 28-32mm scale miniatures, each 2-player match of Strange Aeons plays in 30-60 minutes and requires only 3-10 models per player. And with a standard board area of just 2’ x 3’ (approx. 60 x 90 cm), all else you need to play is some six-sided dice, a tape measure, a kitchen table and a box of scenery.

Players build squads of valiant agents from the Threshold Agency - mankind’s only shield against the unimaginable forces that lurk beyond the veil – and do battle with the foul Lurkers, who seek to pave the way for the return of their dark gods. As Threshold squads progress through a broad range of scenarios, they will gain new abilities and equipment through an option-filled advancement system. Be wary though! The opposing Lurkers can tailor their forces to match Threshold’s level each game, selecting from over 50 devilish monster profiles lifted straight from the pages of the Mythos to present Threshold with a nearly limitless variety of challenges. As you advance, the injuries will mount, followed by the inevitable onset of madness, assuming your operatives remain stalwart and don't fall prey to the insidious temptation of darkness...

Journey into fear and beyond madness!

In the Strange Aeons Starter Box you'll find the miniatures you need to get you started.  

Four Agent models provide you with a selection of models to build your Threshold squad.  Facing them down are an assortment of Lurkers with a range of abilities and point values that will keep you covered while contending against new to moderately experienced Threshold squads.  Cultists are the backbone of any Lurker force, while a Cult Leader provides you with a vital Commander.  A Fishman brings a tougher adversary with a formidable close combat attack, and the Formless Thing can take on a Threshold squad single-pseudopoded!  Also included are a set of Objective Markers, useful in many Scenarios.  

NB Does not contain rules

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