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Streets of Avalon - City Supplement for 5e 5th Edition DnD

Sold out.

Welcome to the Streets of Avalon. This massive fantasy city holds adventure, intrigue, and a darkness that comes from its denizens, both above and below. 

The Streets of Avalon has a gazetteer of the city covering the people who live there, the areas of the huge city, the economy, festivals, religions, guilds, noble houses, weather, seasons, magic, monsters, and a partridge in a pear tree. It’s all in the gazetteer.

There’s also a GMing section which provides advice on how to make the city of Avalon come to life and what gives an Avalon game its distinct feel. It also covers the idea of the neighborhood as an adventure location, having a base of operations, and a number of adventure types: Political Intrigue, Dungeon Crawling/Treasure Hunting, Heists, Investigation/Crime Solving, and Monster Hunting. The final part of this section has information on the races and classes that exist in Avalon, how they function within this setting, and what changes you might need to make, if any.

Then, three example neighborhoods are provided which you can use to run your adventures in Avalon right out of the book if you’d like.

There’s also a lot of flavor in this book. Art, letters, quotes, and sidebars which help GMs and players understand the tone of Avalon.

Comes with a free PDF version - you may need to remind me. 

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